“Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit.”  Brooks Atkinson.

I firmly believe there’s a cruise for everyone. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, fabulous entertainment packages, or a place to relax, all options are on offer from a wide range of cruise liners.

And for converts to cruise holidays, like me, the idea of waking up to a different view each morning is encapsulated in the quote featured here.

Like many people, I’ve mostly experienced life on board large cruise liners, catering for anyone who loves a plethora of bars and restaurants, shows and entertainment.

A Star Clipper offers something completely different and it certainly stirred the emotions involved in my love of travel.

The Star Clipper fleet is made up of three ships; the Royal Clipper, which caters for 270 passengers, the Star Clipper, and the Star Flyer, which both have space for 160 passengers.

That’s tiny, compared to the huge cruise ships many will immediately visualise when thinking of a holiday at sea. The fact that there are only 5-decks also gives you an understanding how the size of a Star Clipper compares to a huge cruise liner.

It’s an intimate, personal experience, with just two passengers to each crew member, one dinner sitting, 5-stars of course, and a cruise trip that generally keeps you close to the coastline.

The size also brings another advantage; an ability to dock in smaller ports that the large liners can’t access. My cruise began in Rome and took in the spectacular Amalfi coast. Towns like Sorrento, Portofino and Amalfi itself all built into the coastline have visitors galore during the summer months which means accessing these towns via the mountain roads can be a static nightmare. There is only one way to truly admire this coastline and that is from the sea.

Then, of course, there’s the sails and the emotion that brings.

I genuinely felt closer to nature, as the sails were unfurled for the first time. I was hit with the sense of we were about to experience something very special. This was to be a journey made the old-fashioned way, an experience from the past to stir a love of travel and the sea.

Sitting on the top deck after dinner, watching the sunset and then nothing but darkness and the sails around you was truly spectacular.

Who would enjoy a Star Clipper Cruise? The majority of passengers on our sailing were middle aged or older and there were several people on a solo cruise. Therefore, it’s perhaps an experience savoured by slightly more seasoned travellers who are looking for a unique experience.

The passenger list had a multi-national make-up with Americans, British, Germans, Dutch and French all coming together in a friendly setting.

Foodies will almost certainly feel at home as the cuisine is a wonderful experience.

Maybe you’ve enjoyed a river cruise and are looking for a new experience on an intimate scale? If so, experiencing the joy of a Star Clipper should certainly be on your list.

Also, as previously mentioned, you stay relatively close to shore, so there’s no large waves and much less chance of sea sickness.

Coincidentally, as we docked in Messina, Sicily, we were moored next to MSC world Europa, a “Goliath” of a vessel, I’d experienced just weeks earlier. That was a fabulous family holiday, catering for all entertainment and dining styles you could desire, but small is beautiful too, and we learned that lesson aboard a Star Clipper.

Two very different experiences, each incredibly satisfying – I wonder which you would choose?

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