You may think of visiting Barbados as a once in a lifetime, bucket list trip.

But once you’ve enjoyed the sights and sounds of a Bajan experience you will want to return again and again,

An island of contrasts, Barbados is known for its beaches, as the birthplace of rum, for the most amazing fresh sea food, shipwrecks, cricket and much more.

The best time to visit Barbados is between November and mid-April.

During a diverse visit to the Caribbean, with my wife, Jeannie, we were mainly based in Barbados and enjoyed a stay at the Turtle Bay Resort
by Emerald Hotels, just a stone throw from the glorious white sandy beach.

Barbados is accessed by direct flights from London or Manchester. Flying time is 9 hours from the UK

Once thought as a playground for the rich and retired, Barbados has a heavy British influence, but is now a proud, independent country.

The west coast and the south coast (where we stayed) are the popular tourist resorts.

The company has four other hotels on the west coast and there is an exchange programme where you can dine and use facilities across the group. 

There’s evening entertainment in the hotel’s courtyard, until 10pm, and you can stroll safely up the road and try one of the local ‘rum shack’
bars – please note that optic spirit measures don’t exist!

The local Mount Gay rum comes in small medium or large with bottles of free cola provided. The locals encourage you to dance the night away.

Bridgetown, the capital city, is a 20 minute drive away and from here you can jump on a catamaran and enjoy a journey up the west coast, snorkling and sunbathing the afternoon away
– with a rum punch, of course, close to hand.

There’s shipwrecks to explore around the coast of Barbados and these are perhaps best observed while snorkelling. You will also encounter a diverse range of sea life, including the
amazing giant turtles.

While in Barbados, you must experience Oistin’s Fishfry Friday. Oiston, located on the south coast is where the locals celebrate the start of the weekend. Fish and more fish is cooked
on the barbeque outside the many bars and is served with macaroni cheese and plantain…it’s fabulous!.

If you would like to find out more about this endlessly fascinatting island, and ask more about my experiences. please do not to hesitate to contact me.

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